Iron Kingdoms of Edmond OK

The Adventure So Far

Having found themselves in Midfast on the wrong side of the law, our band of misfits took refuge among the destitute living in the slums. After a close call with an agent of the Ordic military on a mission to hunt down the criminals in a stack of wanted persons writs, the party was accosted by an urchin. Upon chasing him down and getting the purse he stole back the group was made aware of a deadly disease creeping through the district. Acting on altruistic instincts the party made their way to the district gates to seek out a doctor for the sick mother of the urchin that had tried to steal from them to get her medicine. The guards shut them in and called for a doctor, whom promptly quarantined the whole district while he went to research the disease taking root.

The next day they headed back to the gate to hear the doctor’s findings only to be set upon by the disease ridden ghouls of the recently deceased in the district. Swarming by the dozens, the wretched dead pushed the party back from the gate and tore apart the guards as snipers and flame thrower wielding guards poured destruction upon the monstrous scene below. Entering the sewers for sanctuary in the hidden Shrine of Nissor, the party realized that a horned woman had been following them and was intent upon protecting the bird that travelled with the Dwarf. In the bowels of the sewers the group discovered smuggler’s runes etched into the walls in Five-cant. Using the runes as a guide the group managed to escape the sewers even as the ghouls caught up with them, narrowly escaping a grisly fate.

Emerging from a cave on the edge of Lake Vannogear in a small boat, the party set out for the capitol of Merin. Along the way a ruin was discovered in the wilderness where the Cockatoo known to frequent the shoulder of a certain Dwarf flew into a spherical metal escarpment, triggering some sort of magical barrier with lightning arc defences. With the bird locked in and wolves approaching from the south east, the party took shelter in an old trench. The battle with the wolves was quick but fierce, claiming the lives of four of their Niss travelling companions; ending with arcs of lightning plasma vaporizing several of the wolves and a druid teleporting away to the safety of the woods. Freed from the cage, the Cockatoo rejoined his Dwarven steed.

Licking their wounds and wondering just what the hell was going on, the party set out for the capitol again. Would they find the shelter they sought in Merin? Would this be the last they saw of the druid woman? What is this horned woman’s connection to the Cockatoo? Only time will tell….


christophermstaats christophermstaats

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