Lokaar Vaast

A noble dwarf who smells equally of gunpowder and ale.


Lokaar Vaast 9xp
Male Dwarf
Skilled Aristocrat / Pirate
Height – 58’ Weight – 176lbs
Defining Characteristics: Large, dark-brown and crimson beard that’s braided with ornate golden cuffs. Large scar on right side of face, stops beard growth on right cheek.

PHY 6 (7)
SPD 4 (5)
STR 5 (6)
AGI 4 (5)
PRW 5 (5)
POI 4 (4)
INT 4 (5)
ARC 0 (0)
PER 4 (4)

Willpower 10
DEF 12 – ( -1 armor is ignored by ability Load Bearing)
ARM 13
Init 13
Command 6

Hand Cannon RNG 12 RAT 6 POW 12
Heavy Shot: 13 rounds (3gc = 5 rounds)
Pistol RNG 8 RAT 6 POW 10
Light Shot: 10 rounds (2gc = 5 rounds)

Melee Weapons
Cutlass MAT 7 P+S 9 (Cutlass Specialization)

Benefits and Abilities
Sidestep (Arch) move 2" after attack by melee (cannot be targeted by free strikes)

Gang +1 to melee attack/damage rolls vs enemy in melee range of ally Good Breeding reroll failed etiquette roll Gunfighter remove -4 penalty on ranged attack rolls while engaged Load Bearing reduce SPD and DEF penalty on armor by 1 each Privilege immune to persecution of petty crimes Steady cannot be knocked down (lost when mounted) Specialization – Cutlass removes attack roll penalty for cutlass

Dwarven Clan


50gc /month Aristocrat bonus

Whiskey Bottle (15 shots)
Gun Brace (4 slot) (Slug gun counts as 2 slots)
Noble Vestments
11 gc

Tailored Plate Mail SPD 0 DEF -1 ARM 7 (Load Bearing ignores -1 DEF)


4’10" Dwarf with dark-brown/crimson hair. Has a large beard that extends at least 7" below his chin. Large braids in the beard are adorned with ornate golden cuffs. He has a large faint scar along the right side of his face that creates a noticeable break in beard growth.

Lokaar is from the noble Vaast family of Merin, Ord. Originating from Farhollow Rhul, the Vaast family line spread itself across Rhul before establishing home points in Khador and Ord. After many wars and generations of wealth building the Vaast family built their current manor in Merin.

Lokaar’s father, Rykard is the current patriarch of the Vaast family. Rykard spends his time managing the family wealth from his manor in Merin.

The Vaast family has an established history of bitter rivalry with the Rhed family. The Rheds are human nobility who have built their family by leeching on the success of others. The Rhed have spent the last two generations moving in on the Vaast’s business going as far as to hijack ships and steal trade goods in order to better their business while diminishing ours.

In his early days of piracy, Lokaar managed to bring down a well protected Rhed merchant ship. Only after defeating the Rhedic and merenary ships guarding the merchant ship could they claim it’s treasures. After battling to get on board, the last guards on this ship gave their lives to protect a lone cabin. Within, Lokaar found a large empty space, except for an odd metal cage with a bird inside. This bird, some rare breed of cockatoo, glared at the pirate. He approached carefully and felt obligated to let the creature free. He opened the cage wide, but the bird just sat there. Lokaar opened the ports to allow the bird an escape route, yet it still sat idle. “Suit yourself bird!” the Dwarf exclaimed as he went to leave the cabin. Just before he let go of the handle to let the door swing closed the bird flew to Lokaar’s shoulder, where it would stay for many more years.

Lokaar Vaast

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