Warlock Chieftan


SPD: 5
STR: 6

AGL: 3
PRW: 4
POI: 2

INT: 3
ARC: 3
PER: 3


Garou was a member of a Gatorman trapping tribe deep within Blindwater Marsh.

Bloody Barnabas sent his minions to Garou’s tribe to have them join his cause. The tribe chieftain (a powerful Bokor), believing that Barnabas’s goal to be more powerful than Kossk was an abomination and an insult to their swamp god, lead a battle to push Barnabas’s minions out of the territory.

During the battle, a powerful warlock by the name Calaban appeared and threatened death to all who opposed Barnabas. A swamp horror arouse from the black marsh and ripped the tribes chieftain to pieces.

Being outnumber and overpowered, the remaining loyal Gatormen retreated by the order of Garou. The tribe followed Garou to the relative safety of The Marck, where they could rebuild their tribe and seek an alliance with other Gatormen and Bog Trog tribes who also opposed Barnabas.

As the new chieftain of the shattered tribe, Garou’s only goal is to put an end to Bloody Barnabas, by whatever means necessary.

He wears a necklace made from the teeth of Barnabas’s Gatormen that have tried to destroy the tribe, but failed.


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