“Darkness exists within us all. All it takes to bring it to the surface is extended hardship and a sense of hopelessness, either ever present or on the horizon.” ~Lord Commander Dalin Sturgis, moments before his final fateful engagement with Cryxian forces.

The Great War of Western Immoren has been raging for over a decade. Nations strain to supply the bullets, beans, coal, and bodies needed to sustain their front lines. The people suffer shortages of materials, food, and coin as everything that can be spared to support the war effort must be. For some this is an untenable position, others fall afoul of their commanders, and yet others find themselves refugees without a copper to their name. Whatever their reasons, many have turned to crime to ease the burdens of war torn life.

You are one of these grief stricken souls, pushed to a life of organized crime as a means of survival. Will you stand the test of time, or fall another casualty of war? Will you be the master of your own fate, or just another statistic? Welcome to the Iron Kingdoms, knave.

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